All day on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Any person or organization can host a table, and they will receive a Host Toolkit with everything they need, including a conversation guide and easy ideas for taking action after the event.

A Super Host is any person or organization who commits to host at least 10 tables or more of conversation. Each table will have 8 to 12 guests.

A Super Host is any person or organization who commits to host at least 10 tables or more of conversation. Each table will have 8 to 12 guests.

Beginning October 1, CFCG will use social media and PR to encourage citizens to sign up to attend public tables. As the host, you will have access to view the guest-list for your public table.

Yes, CFCG staff are reaching out to various organizations to make sure that all areas of Bibb County are represented and have access to public tables. If you know of an organization that you think should host a table, please encourage them to participate.

Yes. If you are hosting more than one table at different locations, or several tables at different times, please list them as individual entries.

Most conversations will take between 40-90 minutes.

Either! We hope these conversations will elicit ideas to improve specific neighborhoods and also Bibb County as a whole.

Yes, if your table will be public and it will have a specific topic, we would like to know that in advance.

No, if your table is private, we do not need to know that. Not every table will have a specific topic.

Encourage guests to share their ideas on social media with the hashtag #onthetablemacon and to complete the online survey.

Yes, the videos are on the website under “Stories” and also on CFCG’s YouTube Channel (@CFCGa)

You and your guests will be! On The Table is about identifying issues, advancing solutions and taking action ourselves, not waiting on someone else to fix it. We hope these conversations spur ideas for civic engagement and impact that individuals can do on their own. CFCG will offer a mini-grant program for ideas that require a little seed funding to get started.

As the host, we hope you will facilitate the conversation to help your guests think of ways that they can take action on opportunities or challenges they discuss. We also hope each guest will come up with at least two actionable ideas that they can do following On The Table.

It is an online survey that will take about 10 minutes to complete. It is mainly multiple choice questions. Some of the questions are asked by Knight Foundation to compare communities, and some are asked specifically about Bibb County.

No, unfortunately we cannot accept paper copies of the survey. If you are hosting a table that has guests who do not have access to a computer or device, you can bring one to your table to help them complete it or refer them to a recreation center or public library.

The survey will be open on October 30th and it will stay open for 2 weeks following On The Table, but the sooner you complete it, the better. In fact, as hosts, we hope you will allow 10-minutes at the end of your discussion for your guests to complete the survey before they leave the table.

The data will provide overarching themes and we will also be able to drill down in the data by zip-code.