C2A Grant Announcement

Conversation to Action Mini-Grant Program Recipients (Macon)

Awarded in December 2018

Frankie Lewis | It Takes A Village
This grant will launch “It Takes A Village,” which is a pilot program that will match youth and/or families at risk with people in the community who will assist them with working through their difficulties.

Erica Duncan | Safe Routes to Parks – Macon
This grant will bring a national initiative, Safe Routes to Parks, to Macon. This will reduce unequal access to greenspaces by auditing and publishing safe, accessible bikeable and walkable routes to parks.

Jill Vanderhoek | Food Access in Macon
This grant will activate existing community assets, such as church transportation, in order to develop a program to transport residents to grocery stores.

LaTravius Smith | Mental Health Symposium
This grant will implement a Mental Health Symposium to bring awareness and address the traumatic effects of poverty on mental well-being of children and families in our community.

Scott Mitchell | Access to Public Restroom Initiative
This grant will bring a pilot program to place a new portable restroom in Downtown Macon to serve visitors, residents, and transient residents.

Renee Wilmore | Social Issues Movie Viewing for Teens
This grant will help fund a movie viewing, regarding social issues affecting teenagers, for middle and high school teens of Macon and their parent(s), then lead a discussion to create actionable steps to implement change in Macon.

Virgil Watkins Jr. | Creation of Community Courts
This grant will implement the creation of Community Courts. A local effort to reduce recidivism rates of low-level offenders and provide first time non-violent offenders with a reformative pathway by engaging community courts and partners.

Andrea Cooke | Laundry Days
This grant will implement a program that would provide free tokens for washing clothes while the participants engage in a community building conversation.

June O’Neal | Unionville Job Fair
This grant will enable the recipient to host a cookout and job fair in Unionville and will have community businesses on site to offer jobs to the residents.

Daffeney Michell Hollis | Transportation Expansion for Homeless Population
This grant will expand our city’s transportation services to homeless individuals seeking assistance by transporting them to medical appointments, job appointments, and other important places.

Rena Canady-Laster | Each One Reach One
This grant will implement a program where current CGTC adult education students will participate in a recruitment initiative called Each One Reach One. Students will be encouraged to invite their friends and family who have dropped-out of school to a round table discussion about education and job training opportunities.

Robin Crosby | Adopt Culver Street Job Training Program
This grant will create a unique job training program where their students will “adopt Culver Street” and foster community engagement by organizing street gatherings, trash pick-ups, and other service projects.

Charise Stephens | Mount Homes Youth Agrihood
This grant will spearhead the Mount Homes Youth Agriculture Project which will be an agrihood lead by kids in the Mount Homes community in Pleasant Hill.

Antonio Williams | Seasonal Coats for Kids & Pleasant Hill Community Clean-Up
Antonio will receive two $1,000 grants. One will provide at least 50 coats for winter to the kids in the community and host a small cookout for distribution. The second grant will help him to continue hosting at least one Community Clean Up a month in Pleasant Hill.

Ernestine Thomas | Youth Ambassador T-Shirts & Porch Pilot Project
Ernestine will also receive two separate grants. One for $250 to purchase branded t-shirts for the Lynmore Estates Youth Ambassadors, who assist with small repairs and other activities in their neighborhood. The second grant for $750 will be in support of the Lynmore Estates Porch Pilot Project in which the Youth Ambassadors will do small repairs to the homes of seniors and the disabled in their community.