How will you step up to the plate?

Participating in On the Table is easy! Join as a Guest, Host or Superhost on October 30, 2019.

Host a Table

Also a popular choice, it is not too late to be a host! Being a host is easy and fun!  You can be the person who gets good things started. A host commits to hosting a conversation over breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee break or any time in between. The invite list is up to you – friends, family, colleagues, neighbors – and can be hosted in homes, restaurants, places of worship, libraries, offices, the break room at work or other community locations.  Hosting is the first step to doing something great in the city, and it’s made easy with our Host Training Webinar and Host Toolkit.

Be a Super Host

Super Hosts are organizations — nonprofits, places of worship, businesses, schools, civic organizations and others — that commit to hosting 10+ tables, with 8 to 12 people per table. If this describes your organization, please contact us at 478-750-9338 or

Join a Table

If you want to show up to a public table (think: at the park/library), check out the list of public tables that are available.  Please simply sign up for the table(s) that you plan to attend on October 30, 2019.  It is free to join a table, and there will be conversations taking place in many locations throughout the day on October 30th.  We will be adding to this list as we approach October 30th, so check back regularly for details.

Join a Table (Coming Soon!)