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Support Questions

Q: I am having trouble with receiving emails.

A: Unfortunately, if you are using a corporate email such as, the email message may be blocked. Please use another email, such as a @gmail, if you have one. We are not able to make changes to your corporate email address, as only your company can do this.


Q: How do you know what is happening now?

A: You can view the entire list of tables by clicking here. You can also go to your My Tables page to see the Tables that you signed up for.


Q: What happens if I have questions about the event or need to troubleshoot?

A: Please complete the support form below. Tech Support will also will be floating through the virtual tables. Please leave a message in the chat.

If you have any trouble, please fill out the form below:


Thanks for submitting! Sorry for the inconvenience. We will respond as soon as we can.

Support Form
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